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Christ-like Communication: Adaptable


Jesus' Communication was AdaptableJesus met people where they were. Read through the Gospels and you will find the following aspects of Christ-like communication:


Jesus adapted His communication to whom He was with.

How He communicated with the masses versus the individual differed in style and approach.

How He communicated with the religious leaders versus genuine seekers differed in tone and content.

How He communicated with the inner core of disciples versus the extended group differed in depth and detail.

Jesus would meet people where they were, using language they could understand and slanting the message to what they needed.

Christ-like Communication is Adaptable - Guide for Church Leaders
Along with the content on this page, the Christ-like Communication Guide for Church Leaders considers some implications for leaders about being adaptable like Jesus.


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  1. I really love the manner in which you have explained adaptable communicaton as it applies to how Jesus communicated to people. It is easy to understand therefore, it is an easy teachable tool to use to help those I teach/coach/mentor what adaptable communication is and how Jesus uses this style to communicate with us. Thank you. Minister Cozi

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