Christ-like Communication: Availability

Jesus communicated to the masses yet still found time for the individual.  Read through the Gospels and you will find the following aspects of Christ-like communication:


Jesus spoke to crowds of at least 4,000 to 5,000. Between his speaking schedule, training of the Twelve, healing and miracles, Jesus was one busy person. He was on a mission, clear on His purpose. Yet, He was not so busy or so intent on meeting His agenda that He didn’t have time to communicate with individuals as well as the masses.

Jesus always found time to get away alone to be with the Father.

Jesus stopped to minister to individuals though surrounded by crowds of people.

  • He was available to answer His disciples’ questions and clarify matters for them.
  • He was available to an individual who touched Him amidst an entourage of people traveling with Him.
  • He was available to talk with someone calling out to Him for mercy while walking along the road with a crowd of people.

Jesus’ teaching emphasized the value He placed on taking time for the individual.  Think about the parables of the single lost sheep, the one lost coin, and a wayward son.

Implications for Us in Ministry:

Examine your heart. Jesus cared about both the individual and the masses.  And, people mattered to Jesus more than tasks.

  • Do you value individuals or are you so consumed with ministering to larger groups that you have little time or concern for one-on-one?
  • Do you value the person knocking on your door, sending an e-mail, or calling on the phone more than the tasks you are trying to accomplish?
  • Do you value connecting with people or begrudge the time it takes?

Examine your purpose. In the final analysis, Jesus knew that it was about loving God and loving people (Matt. 22:37-40).

  • Even if you have more task-oriented spiritual gifting, are you aware of the people around you?
  • Even if you are drawn to serving a specific target group of people, are you open to others?
  • Even if you lead a big church, are you seeking to connect with individuals?

Examine your schedule. Jesus accomplished more in His three years of ministry than all of us combined will in a lifetime, yet He was still able to stop and spend time with the Father and with individuals.

  • Does your schedule reflect what Jesus views as important?
  • Do you build margins of time into your schedule to be available for the unexpected or are you so busy you can’t fit people in?

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