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Christ-like Communication: Approachable


Jesus' Communication ApproachableJesus welcomed all people, willing to engage in conversation with them.  Read through the Gospels and you will find the following aspects of Christ-like communication:


Though God Himself in the flesh, Jesus did not hold Himself aloof but rather freely communicated with fallen human beings. He welcomed anyone from tax gatherers and sinners to the self-righteous religious leaders. At either side of the spectrum, these were people who were far from God. How He communicated varied based on who it was but He still permitted all to come to Him.

Though born a Jew, Jesus engaged in communication with Samaritans and Gentile people who approached Him.

Though His ministry primarily focused on adults, Jesus had no problem relating with children as well.  The disciples were the ones who tried to hinder them from coming to Him but Jesus said, “Let the little children come.”

Christ-like Communication Approachable - Guide for Church Leaders
You’ll find this content in the Christ-like Communication Guide for Church Leaders along with three implications of Jesus’ example for church leaders.


2 Replies to “Christ-like Communication: Approachable”

  1. What a wonderful example Jesus is to us in how He ministered to everyone and how everyone felt free to come to Him. As you said – we should not make anyone feel like we are unapproachable! Thanks for this series on Christ-like communication – it is excellent!

    • You are welcome, Deb. Jesus certainly is the Master and Ultimate Model of everything we do in ministry … the Master Counselor, the Master Teacher, the Master Communicator, etc.

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