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What About Training for Adult Ministries?


Adult MinistriesHave you ever noticed the low volume of training resources for adult ministries compared to what’s available for children and youth ministries? While the number of resources does increase when searching by age grouping, gender, and marital status, you’ll find relatively few resources for adult ministry in general.

Why isn’t more emphasis placed on training for adult ministry?

Adult ministries are important and, therefore, so should training be for it.

God Himself lays the foundation for why adult ministry is important:

Jesus, in His earthly ministry, welcomed children to Himself but primarily ministered to adults.

The Bible, though relevant to children, is written in language geared to adults with concepts difficult to understand.

God has given parents the main responsibility of nurturing children (Deut. 6:4-9; Eph. 6:4) so helping them grow in their walk with God will flow into the training of children. Even adults without children serve as role models for younger generations (Matt. 18:5-6).

If adults walk away from the Church, and more specifically from a growing relationship with the Lord, what will become of the next generation (Ps. 78:4)?

Adequately train adult ministry leaders and teachers so they more effectively disciple and meet the needs of those they serve.

Think about the difference it makes in adult ministries when the following questions can be answered affirmatively:

  1. Do we build the kind of atmosphere most conducive to adult ministry?
  1. Do we know how to break through the walls many adults have built?
  1. Do we adequately address the responsibilities and issues adults deal with as they journey from young adulthood to senior adulthood?
  1. Do we present a God big enough to meet the demands and crises of life?
  1. Do we adapt to the changing landscape of life adults face today, knowing what needs to change and what stays the same?

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