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Due to the potential of life change that can come through small groups, it’s always been important to have leaders who are trained, not only to facilitate discussion, but also to shepherd members of their group. Take some time to examine what you’re doing to train small group leaders in your church. What kind of training do you provide? How encompassing is your support and encouragement?

Train Small Group Leaders to Meet the Challenges of the Days in Which We Live

Small groups form for various reasons and so training always needs to be specific to the focus and primary agenda for their meeting. But, in addition, training needs to prepare small group leaders for challenges relevant to the days in which we live.

  1. Since a question for small groups may no longer be about the “place” where they should meet but rather the online “platform” they should use, additional training may be required.

Some groups may meet online temporarily with others meeting that way for the long haul. Some may use a combination of online and in-person. Small group leaders need to be effectively trained to not only know how to use technology but also how to use it in ways that are safe and productive for their small group.

You’ll first need to determine the best platform for your small group needs (based on number of participants, length of meeting time, cost, group member’s ability to access it, etc.). Some common platforms include:

Church Online Platform
Google Meet (was Google Duo)
Google Chat (was Google Hangouts)
Microsoft Teams

Also be sure to train small group leaders about the differences of leading a group online versus in-person. Here are some articles on other sites that can be of help:

  1. Though support groups used to be the main type of group for helping people work through addictions and mental health issues, more and more people are experiencing anxiety and depression today. Almost any type of group will consist of people with these kinds of needs more and more. Are your small group leaders prepared?

Small group leaders need to be trained on how to respond both within the group meeting and one-on-one. How can they and the group be a support system to one another? When is it time to guide the person in finding help outside of the group?

As relates to the days in which we live, perhaps providing leaders with coping skills suggestions to pass on would be helpful. Also remember that leaders too need support and comfort. Here are some articles on other sites that may be of help:

Maybe a study on dealing with anxiety and depression would be beneficial. The following links will take you to one of our affiliate stores:

If meeting online, people may find it easy to hide their feelings behind the screen. Small group leaders need to learn how to observe, connect, and engage with people in ways that get below the surface.


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