Breaking Through the Walls

People have built walls between them and the institutionalized church. We need to get beyond the idea that certain types of programs, technology, facilities, and other such efforts will break through the fears and disillusionment people have toward the church. Rather, we must break through those walls with the love of Christ.

Train Church Leaders

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Remember, “perfect love drives out fear” (1 Jn. 4:18).

What might it look like for churches to break through the walls with the love of Christ?

  1. restoring Jesus to His rightful place as Head of the church, our primary message and source of hope … people are spiritually-oriented, wanting to be in a relationship over religion
  2. retooling programs and worship services to get away from an “us” and “them” approach … people are socially-oriented, wanting to learn from each other not merely a leader, teacher or pastor
  3. relationally communicating so people can respond and not just listen … people are social media-oriented, wanting to collaborate
  4. recognizing the contribution each person has to make … people are significance-oriented, wanting to be a part of something bigger
  5. reaching out to our communities in tangible ways with the love of Christ … people are service-oriented, wanting to make a difference where they live

What might that mean for church leaders?

  • Their leadership must be about people, not merely the administration of programs.
  • Their leadership must be to minister, not merely complete tasks.
  • Their leadership must be to advance God’s purposes, not merely church as usual.
  • Their leadership must be motivated by love, not merely to accomplish their goals.

2 Replies to “Breaking Through the Walls”

  1. This is so on time as me and my friend have had discussions on this same topic. And each key point you spoke of that people need was mentioned. And lately what has been my heart is love. Like I think about what attracted me to come to church was the word and the love of the people. I mean it’s good to learn all the other things, but if the love is cold it profits none.

    • Gabriel, how exciting that what you discussed is confirmed in this article (or vice-verso). 1 Corinthians 13:1-3 certainly does fit. God makes the importance of love crystal clear. Thanks for sharing from your own personal experience.

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