Body Life: What is It?

Within the Christian community we often use the term “Body Life.”  What are we really talking about?

Think About the Human Body

  • The human body is a unit (one) made up of many parts.
  • Each part is important and needed.
  • Each part has a function that contributes to the whole.
  • Parts of the human body function interdependently.
  • Parts of the human body are dependent on the brain for growth, health, and directives.

Scripture’s Analogy of the Church with the Human Body

The church is referred to as the Body of Christ.  Jesus is the Head of the Body and we are members of one another.  Study these key passages related to God’s Design for the Church as a Body:

Ephesians 4:11-16
Romans 12:1-21
1 Corinthians 12:14-26

Body Life Defined:

If the Church is to function similar to the human body, then Body Life is how we relate to one another in ways that demonstrate:

  1. unity out of diversity … every part important and needed
  2. interdependence on one another … every part contributing to other parts
  3. dependence on the Head … every part living according to directives from Him

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Resources to Help Your Better Understand Body Life

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