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God designed the Body of Christ to function as members of one another with Jesus Christ as the Head. Here are resources to help you aim toward being the Church God intends for you to be.

Click on a tab below to view a list of resources about Body Life in general or specifics about God's design for the Church, the one another commands of Scripture and the practical outworking of Body Life.

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General Helps Related to Body Life



The Early Church in the New Testament


State of the Body - Church Life Today




Biblical Overview of God's Design for Body Life


Dignity & Worth of All Members of the Body

Interdependence in the Body of Christ

Unity Out of Diversity in the Body

One Anothers

General Info about the One Another Commands of Scripture

Accept & Honor One Another

Bear One Another's Burdens

Bear with & Forgive One Another

Build up, Admonish, Encourage, & Spur on One Another

Care for, Comfort, & Be Kind to One Another

Fellowship with One Another

Forgiving One Another

Honest with & Confess Faults to One Another

Hospitable to & Greet One Another

Love one another

Members of & Devoted to One Another

Pray for one another

Same Mind with & Submit to One Another

Serve One Another


God's design for the Body should be reflected in all aspects of church life.

May people be built up and God glorified as you seek to follow His design for the Church. These Body Life resources can help fuel a desire toward it but He is the One who enables it to become a reality as you align with His intent.

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