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Body Life: Whose Responsibility is It?


Members of the Body living together in accordance with God’s design results in tremendous benefits to both the Church collectively and as individuals.  But, whose responsibility is it to foster Body Life within the Church?

Bible Teachers Have the Responsibility of Teaching and Modeling Body Life

Body Life doesn’t come natural to us fallen human beings.  We tend to live for self.  Consequently, how to live life together as members of one another must be taught.  Teachers have a wonderful setting for helping students practice Body Life principles.  Teachers also have opportunity to model Body Life.  Click below for two teacher training worksheets that will help teachers build a classroom environment in keeping with God’s design for the Body.

Teachers Either Block or Promote Community Worksheet
In Facilitating a Discussion, Everyone’s Contribution is Valuable Worksheet

Church Leaders are Responsible to Help Us Function as the Body of Christ

Church Leaders have a platform for promoting Body Life.  If they are going to effectively steer members toward God’s design, they themselves must also function in accordance with Body Life principles.  You can evaluate how your leadership is promoting or detracting from God’s design for the church in the Body Life section of  There you will find questions with possible responses.  Clicking on the responses will provide additional input.
Responsibility of Church Leaders to Foster Body Life

Responsibilities Belong to Everyone to Be the Church of God’s Design

God has both commanded and enabled all believers to engage in Body Life.

  1. Each member of the body must heed the one another commands of God to function as a body.
  2. Every believer has been given at least one spiritual gift to be used for the common good of the body.

Even if Bible teachers do not fulfill their responsibility in teaching and modeling it and even if church leaders do not actively promote and function within it, you are still responsible before God to do your part in living out Body Life principles.  May this site be used by God to help you better understand God’s design for the Church and encourage you to do your part.


4 Replies to “Body Life: Whose Responsibility is It?”

  1. Group of people living in harmony in accordance with God purposes and exhibiting their spiritual gifts for the edification of the body of Christ. This will result in a tremendous benefit to the Church and the individual members of the body of Christ. This on line training course will help in no small measure in building and equipping the saints in the work He left for us.

    • Yes, to be sure great benefit comes in lining up with God’s design and purposes. I praise God you are finding the material useful.

  2. The responsibility of maintaining the Body of Christ lies on the leaders and individual members of the Church. The leaders must provide a conducive atmosphere by putting in place the right attitude, actions and ambitions in their leadership styles. When the leadership qualities are in place, the members will exercise their Spiritual Gifts for the common good of one another and thereby obeying commands from one another which leads to Spiritual growth.

    • Yes, leaders do have a vital role in this. Body Life flourishes in the right atmosphere. And, people benefit from the example leaders provide.

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