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Staffing Principles Revisited


We’ve looked at staffing in light of the following:

the big picture
the church’s purpose
body life

I thought it would be good to pull together into one place the principles from this series.  Please review these points and think about their application in your setting.  How can you better implement them into your ministry?

  • View staffing as ministry and not mere administration.
  • Focus on cooperating with God and what He wants your church to do, not merely filling positions to keep your programs going.
  • Build into staffing an accountability to lining up with God and His purposes, to working together toward the big picture.
  • Make appreciation and affirmation of people an integral part of staffing.
  • View extending encouragement and support to people as essential.
  • Maintain proper motives, sincere concern, and honest communication in staffing.
  • Genuinely care about the people who are serving beyond the fulfillment of their duties.
  • Genuinely accept the people who are serving and don’t take a cookie cutter approach in equipping and supporting them.
  • Completely depend on the Lord.

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