Christ-like Ministry


How Christ-like are you in your ministry and relationships with others?

Defining Christ-like Ministry

Christ-like MinistryJohn 1:14 says that Jesus was “full of grace and truth.” The more Christ-like we become, the more we too will be filled with both grace and truth. You can’t have one without the other and still have Christ-like ministry.

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When Christlikeness is Missing in Ministry

Think about it:

  • How many church conflicts could have been resolved had grace not been laid aside while speaking the truth!

As long as the church is on this side of eternity, we will experience resistance from time to time.  Expect it, even as you pursue the purposes of God.  Learn to speak the truth in love to one another.  Conflict among brothers and sisters in Christ is Satan’s playground.  Let’s be Christ-like with one another.

  • How many mishaps or misunderstandings could have been avoided in special activities had both grace and truth been a part of the planning!

Grace finds its expression in the context of relationships so we plan special activities to help build community among one another.  Yet, these seeds of grace can be undone if you don’t follow the proper lines of communication and develop policies and procedures to help ensure the safety and understanding of all.

  • How many problems could be prevented in the classroom if teachers maintained both grace and truth at all times!

Exercising both grace and truth prevents teachers from being too much of an authoritarian or from being too permissive.  Speaking the truth in a discipline situation needs to be accompanied by grace for discipline to have its greatest effect.

See worksheet:  Biblical Authority versus the Authoritarian and Permissive Teachers

Becoming More Like Christ Full of Both Grace and Truth

Have you found yourself in any of the above scenarios where grace was laid aside for truth or vice versa?

Truth: If you want to be Christ-like, you must be filled with both grace and truth in all situations.

Grace: Tomorrow is a new day.  God will be sending more opportunities your way to demonstrate Christ-likeness.

Learn from the past and move on.

Church leaders, check out this resource: Steering the Church Toward Christ-like Character Leadership Guide


2 Replies to “Christ-like Ministry”

  1. I had an opportunity to pray for our church and minister on Sunday and we had just a few that came to the Church at 3:30PM and the leader of our group gave each of us to share why we were there. Two Ladies shared that, one needed healing and the other was going on a plane trip to somewhere in Europe and was anxious about possible things that might happen. Then I shared that I wanted us to Pray for the Church and our Minister. One at a time we prayed for what we were there for. Our Leader specified that we needed the Holy Spirit to do this. I knew that and reaffirmed this! We all were prayed for one at a time and it was felt that we would receive the answer asked for! You as a Christian do not always receive The Answer To Your Prayers immediately! But it can come at any time! In Hebrews 11:7 It Says; By Faith Noah when warned about things not yet seen, in Holy fear built an Ark to save His Family. By Faith He Condemned the world and became Heir of the Rightousness that comes by Faith! You can read on many more examples of other Disciples Faith. They all received their Answer! Leonard

    • Just as we need the Holy Spirit’s help in prayer, so do we need His power to be Christ-like is all aspects of life, to live that life of both grace and truth. This isn’t something we muster up on our own. Scripture verses to this end are manifold. By faith we grab hold of His power. Just as He answers prayers as you mentioned, Leonard, so He will help us be more Christ-like in all our circumstances as we look to Him.

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