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Compliments to God


Compliments to God as We Ascribe to the LordA compliment is “an expression of esteem, respect, affection, or admiration” (Merriam-Webster). Hence, when we give compliments to God, we’re honoring Him for who He is and what He’s done. Biblically we might say that we are:

  • ascribing to God the glory due His name (Ps. 29:2; 96:7-8)
  • expressing His worth (Rev. 4:11; 5:11-14)
  • exalting Him, lifting Him up (Ps. 99:5, 9)

We might also use terms like praising and worshiping God. In essence, we’re telling God how great He is. We’re attributing the glory to Him, praising Him for who He is, and giving Him credit for what He’s done.

God Doesn’t Need Our Compliments

God is worthy whether we acknowledge it or not. Who He is, isn’t based on our recognition of Him. He is who He is. Our compliments, or lack of praise, doesn’t affect His significance and worth.

Through the generations there have been people who have failed to acknowledge Him as the Source (Rom. 1:20-25). Some defiantly turn their backs on Him, disbelieving He could really be great enough to do all Scripture says He did and will do. But a day will come when “every knee will bow” before Him and “every tongue will acknowledge God” (Rom. 14:11).

Compliments to God Show Our Appreciation, Thankfulness, Respect, and Admiration

We express appreciation and thankfulness when we compliment people. God has done, and will continue to do, more for us than all the people combined in our lives.

Think of His wonderful and thorough work of salvation. Who else will love us enough to come and die in our place, or be able to take on the punishment our sin deserves? Certainly such a merciful, gracious, loving, and holy God deserves our compliments.

Think of His Written Word. Who else could compose such a consistent body of truth over the span of nearly 2000 years, dynamic and sufficient to thoroughly equip and teach us, that could stand the test of time and attacks of enemies? Without doubt, we owe such a wise, all-knowing, powerful, and righteous God our compliments.

We express respect and admiration for traits in people we think are commendable. God consistently demonstrates admirable qualities because He is perfect in every way, something we could never say about ourselves or any other human being. Compliments go to Someone we can always depend on to be faithful and true in what He says and does because He can’t deny Himself. He always was and always will be who He is.

Take time today to express compliments to God not just for what He does but also for who He is. He deserves our appreciation, thankfulness, respect, and admiration!

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2 Replies to “Compliments to God”

    • What God does stems from who He is so it will always be holy, just, true, good, right, even if we don’t see it that way or agree with what He does. We view life from a limited perspective whereas God sees the big picture. When we don’t understand, we can be honest with Him and still praise Him saying something like, “God I don’t understand why you allowed this to happen but acknowledge that you are God and I am not. By faith I praise you for being holy, just, true, good, and right even though I don’t understand. I acknowledge that your ways and thoughts are higher than mine.”

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