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In Anticipation of VBS


Are you having Vacation Bible School this year? Reflect on these thoughts in anticipation of VBS. You will have some work ahead, some prayer to invest, some workers to recruit and materials to prepare, as well as promotional efforts. Though time intensive and energy consuming, trusting God to use it should bring an excitement and joy to your soul.

‘Twas the Morn Before VBS : In Anticipation of VBS

‘Twas the morn before VBS and all through the church,
not a car was a stirring, not a person in search.
The tent was hung by the building with care,
in hopes that lots of children soon would be there.
The classrooms were empty; the sanctuary was bare,
not even one person to sit on a chair.
The directors were busy with last minute details,
while visions of blessing their mind couldn’t curtail.
Yes, visions of laughter from children at play,
enjoying recreation every day.
Fun games for all from the littlest to the oldest,
with challenges to see who’d be the boldest.
Our vision didn’t end there, so much more we would share
as we’d welcome each person to a special affair.
There were visions of craft time for each one to make,
a reminder of that lesson’s truth they could take.
There’d be singing and offerings to a mission we’d claim
all for a demonstration of God’s love to proclaim.
One vision would outshine all the others we’d sow,
and that was to make our Lord Jesus Christ known.
They’d learn how God loves them and wants them to be,
a member of His big family.
A new life He’ll give them, one full and free,
one able to reach out and love as does He.
These visions were dancing around in our heads,
and that long winter’s nap … well …
All of the sudden there arose such a clatter,
we didn’t have time to see what was the matter.
Then what to our wondering eyes to appear,
people registered for VBS this year.
The moral of this story is so plain and so true,
God will work through VBS, but that we already knew.

© 2022 Ministry Tools Resource Center, (permission to print for ministry use with copyright info included but not on another website)

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