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Theology comes from two Greek words -- "theos" (theo-) meaning God and "logos" (-ology) meaning word. Hence, it is literally words about God, or a study of God. While the term can be used more broadly, these theological resources will focus in specifically on the God of the Bible, which is sometimes called Theology Proper.

The Bible presents God as the One of whom there is none greater, worthy of the love, trust, and worship of those He created.

Unfathomable God, None Greater

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The starting point in knowing God obviously is believing that He exists.

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Theology, as a study of God, would include learning about who God is -- His attributes, character, or nature.

General Info about God's Attributes

God is All-Knowing - His Omniscience

God is All-Powerful - His Omnipotence

God is Eternal - His Immortality

God is Good - His Goodness

God is Gracious - His Grace

God is Great - His Greatness

God is Holy - His Holiness

God is Loving - His Love

God is Righteous - His Righteousness

God is Sovereign - His Supremacy & Authority

God is Wise - His Wisdom


We can learn more about the character and ways of God by looking at the names given to Him in the Bible.


Gain a broad, more general understanding of God and His ways, and build upon that.

Knowing about God should lead to knowing Him and lining up with Him.

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May you get to truly know the God of the Bible better as you use these resources to study about Him or teach others about His character and ways.

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