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Devotion to God’s Word Makes Sense If . . .


Devotion to God's Word

In a previous post we looked at three requirements to be devoted to the Truth of God’s Word which included . . .
— a proper view of the authority of God’s Word
— a proper view of the commission to teach God’s Word
— a proper view of human tendencies to become distracted

In this post, we will consider what should be the greatest motivation for devotion to God’s Word — a proper view of the God of the Bible.

Being Devoted to the Word Makes Sense If We View God for Who He Is

A God who is perceived as all-knowing, all-powerful, and always faithful is Someone whose words should hold weight in our hearts and minds.  Why would we not want to tenaciously cling to what this kind of God says?  Devotion to God’s Word makes sense with this kind of Author.

Remove the “all” and “always” and you have an anemic God.  Why would we devote ourselves to learning and following the words of that kind of God?  It just wouldn’t make sense if we didn’t know for sure what is true and what isn’t and whether or not He could or would follow through on what He said.

  1. Is the God of Scripture all-knowing?

A God who is not omniscient could make mistakes in the content of His Word.  Only a God who knows the beginning from the end could put together a consistently accurate and cohesive book written over the course of time through the instrument of multiple human authors (Heb. 1:1).

  1. Is the God of Scripture all-powerful?

A God who is not omnipotent could fail to back up all that is written in the Word.  Only a God who can do all things is capable of fulfilling the “desire and achieve the purpose” for which it was given (Isa. 55:11).

  1. Is the God of Scripture always faithful?

A God who is not always faithful might not keep His Word because He could change His mind or have a bad day.  Only a God who is always faithful can be considered trustworthy (Ps. 111:7-8; Heb. 10:23).

How we view the God of Scripture has to make a difference in our level of devotion to His Word.  The greater we perceive Him to be, the more likely we will be to adhere to His Word.

Likewise, how we present this God to others will help motivate them to believe and act on His Word.  The more we present to them a God who is big enough, great enough, powerful enough, and wise enough to have the final word, the more likely they will be to make His Word the final authority in their lives.


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