What You Believe About the Bible Has Implications

Personal Implications:  The following issues will affect the kind of relationship you have with God.

The Authority of the Bible – Can the Bible be trusted?

If the Bible truly is inspired by God and can be trusted, then you should find yourself believing what it says, obeying its precepts, and following the principles laid out in it.

If you think the Bible is not completely God’s Word and cannot be fully trusted, then you have the option of following what it says and you can pick and choose what to believe.

Focus & Theme of the Bible – What is the Bible about?

If you think the Bible is a religious book about man’s efforts to reconcile with God, then you will tend to take a more legalistic approach and depend more on yourself than on Him.  Life will be more centered around yourself and your accomplishments.

If you see the Bible as a love story about God’s efforts to reach man, then you will better understand grace and trust Him to work for your good even when you don’t understand your life’s circumstances.  Life will be centered more around God and His purposes.

Ministry Implications:  These same issues will affect the way you serve in your various ministries and how you help other people find God.

The Authority of the Bible – Can the Bible be trusted?

Those sold out to the authority of the Bible have a standard that is reliable and that must be used as a filter in all decisions.  Otherwise, ministry can quickly become everybody doing what is right in their own eyes which can only lead to inconsistencies and ineffectiveness.

Focus & Theme of the Bible – What is the Bible about?

Those seeing the focus of the Bible as God’s working will tend to get beyond the stories and commands to the God of Scripture who is the source and sustainer of life and the Savior of the world. Otherwise ministry could become about helping people to simply know what the Bible says and to follow a bunch of rules and regulations.  You will have religion over relationship.

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  1. I can’t agree LESS! I trust the Word of God – it will judge me & you on the last day- John12 v 47, 48. He who remains faithful to the end shall be called faithful, not the end douter[s]! Thanks.

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