Everybody Likes Freebies


Freebies Mean No Cost for You

Free Ministry Resources - FreebiesEverybody seems to like freebies … especially when they truly are free with no strings attached. For something to truly be free means that it comes without a cost to you … a gift.

I see many searches in the web site statistics for free resources. And, so many people have made requests through the contact form for free material that after much prayer a decision was made that those kinds of requests would no longer receive a response. Despite that policy being stated on the contact form, requests for free material (and free money) still come in regularly.

In the event you have not come across the freebies offered by Ministry Tools Resource Center, here is what you will find:

on the MinTools.com site:

  • plus near a thousand pages of ministry training and spiritual growth articles you may freely read
  • and numerous pages with lists of ministry resources for the various types of ministries and holidays, saving you research time

on the TrainBibleTeachers.com site you will find:

  • some free teacher training sessions you may use:
  • handout of an acrostic of the word CHANGED explaining the kind of change God desires which you may freely distribute to teachers in your sphere of ministry
  • plus over 60 resource pages to assist you in finding resources on a variety of teacher training topics, freeing up your time
  • and help for Christian Education Directors, Sunday School Superintendents, and others responsible for teacher training in the Train Bible Teachers Blog

on the TrainChurchLeaders.com site you will find:

  • and a practicum to help you apply those basics to common tasks or issues leaders face

Freebies Cost Somebody Something

Let’s remember that even the greatest free gift ever … eternal life in Christ Jesus (Jn. 1:12-13; Rom. 6:23; Eph. 2:8-9) … was not free. It cost Jesus His life!

For Ministry Tools Resource Center, providing freebies could mean the loss of a sale which translates into less money for the ministry. It costs time initially to put all this material together to provide it freely to the Body of Christ as well as money to keep it up. An online ministry incurs costs which is why everything we offer can’t be free, as much as I truly would love to make everything a freebie.

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