Faithful Stewards of God’s Grace

Faithful Stewards of God's Grace Using Spiritual Gifts

The best book on spiritual gifts? God’s Word!

Just one verse alone can teach us so much as we saw in the previous posts looking at 1 Peter 4:10.

From that verse we learn what spiritual gifts are (expressions of God’s grace in its various forms), who has been given spiritual gifts (each one of us), how important it is to use it to serve others (each should serve using “whatever gift”), and how gifts should be used (faithfully). In this post we want to focus in on being “faithful stewards of God’s grace.”

Being Faithful as Stewards of God’s Grace

Using spiritual gifts expresses God’s grace, in its various forms. Serving others, therefore, isn’t merely about what we do, and it isn’t even just about helping others, but rather most importantly about showcasing God! Regardless of what our gift may be, whether we are upfront teaching or leading, or behind the scenes helping, we demonstrate God’s grace. Each expression of His grace contributes to a more complete understanding of who God is.

When we understand how using our spiritual gifts takes us beyond merely accomplishing some kind of task, to helping people better understand and know God, we should all the more want to serve. And, we should want to serve faithfully so we consistently and accurately represent Him. Grace elevates serving.

Stewards of and because of God’s Grace

Not only are we to be faithful stewards “of” God’s grace but also “because of” God’s grace. Spiritual gifts are given on the basis of grace not because of who we are or what we have done. As recipients of His grace, we have been given an entrustment which substantiates our role as stewards and gives us all the greater reason to be faithful. Stewards take care of that which isn’t their own, and so we have a sense of accountability as managers of His grace toward one another.

When we understand how we have been entrusted with God’s grace through the spiritual gifts we’ve been given, we should all the more want to serve faithfully. We got something we don’t deserve, making it a privilege not merely a duty for us to serve. Grace increases motivation and passion for serving.

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