Spiritual Gifts: What’s in a Definition

Spiritual Gifts DefinitionsIn a previous post I shared with you the process I used in arriving at definitions for the various spiritual gifts.  Simply being able to list the gifts and define them is not enough. Certainly there must be a purpose in knowing their definitions.

The greatest potential in being able to define the various gifts is the help it provides in identifying the gifts in one’s self and in others.

For me, it also laid the foundation for developing spiritual gifts tests … a topic for the next post.

When you are able to identify gifts in yourself or others, you are able to:

  • learn more about your gifts and how to most effectively use them
  • help confirm the gifting of others and affirm them in the use of their spiritual gifts
  • recruit ministry workers based on gifting because you know the gifts most appropriate for the different types of ministries

Knowing how to define the gifts is obviously about more than being able to apply a label to what you or others do.  It is to enhance their use through a better understanding.  The power comes in their use as each of the spiritual gifts is a “special divine empowerment.”

Church leaders have a strategic part in guiding the process of functioning as a Body through God’s power inherent in spiritual gifting.  Teaching about it is only a small part of the equation.

For Church Leaders  –  God’s Power for the Church: Spiritual Gifts

2 Replies to “Spiritual Gifts: What’s in a Definition”

  1. You did an incisive study here and I have truly learnt and benefited from it. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with everyone of us.

    • Praise God for using this in your life. We never stop learning so I urge you to press on and continue to growing in our Lord and service to Him.

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