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Spiritual Gifts a Fad or Ongoing Reality in the Church?


I regularly check the statistics for the site.  What I have found through the years continues to hold true.  The primary keywords people use to find this site are some form of “spiritual gifts.”  Actually, the phrase “spiritual gifts test” is at the top and the online spiritual gifts test is the highest hit page on the site followed by the spiritual gifts list page.

Spiritual Gifts Need to be an Ongoing Reality in the Church

I am glad to see the consistency in these stats because there for a while I was concerned that spiritual gifting had become just the latest church fad.  Key Christian leaders wrote books on it.  Web sites with content on spiritual gifting grew in number.  All that was good for a “shot in the arm” but God’s design for the growth of the Church is the ongoing emphasis and use of spiritual gifts wherein everybody does their part.

Don't make Spiritual Gifts a Fad, Regularly Teach about Gifting

From the beginning, teaching on spiritual gifts has been a part of the site.  It is the hub around which the rest of the site has been built.  How can a site designed to equip believers for ministry not include a major emphasis on spiritual gifts? (Click image to learn about downloadable spiritual gifts curriculum and resources.)

What’s the Emphasis on Spiritual Gifting in Your Church?

What about in your church?  Is attention to spiritual gifting just a fad or sporadic teaching emphasis or is it an ongoing reality and priority?  There are  key factors to operating within the sphere of gifting that tend to be present if it is a part of a church’s culture, one of which is that you consistently recruit based on spiritual gifts.


2 Replies to “Spiritual Gifts a Fad or Ongoing Reality in the Church?”

  1. It’s so sad to hear that there are churches decreasing its members and the main reason for that would be the fact that most of the people do not exercise the spiritual gifts given to them. So we, believers in Christ need not only to be aware of what our gifts are, but also to share it with others. Let us learn how to make use and share God’s word, we can start by giving simple inspirational gifts to our loved ones.

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