I Know Some Servants . . . with the Spiritual Gift of Giving

The Spiritual Gift of Giving Defined

to share what material resources you have with liberality and cheerfulness without thought of return

Servant #1:  This person held a high paying, executive job in a major corporation.  When I first began Ministry Tools Resource Center, stepping out in faith with little financial resources, I received several very large gifts from this person at critical junctions.  He tried to give anonymously but I did find out who it was and was able to thank him.  What a blessing!

Servant #2:  This person was retired and on a limited income.  Regardless, she repeatedly purchased extra food at the grocery store and gave me her surplus knowing that I too was on a limited income because of being in ministry.  Consequently, money that would have been spent on groceries could go toward other bills.  What a blessing!

Both of these servants had the spiritual gift of giving.  One was able to give big and the other in less substantial ways.  The end result, however, was the same with both.  I was blessed!  I experienced God’s faithfulness to me through both of these servants, confirming His direction in my life to do this ministry.

Lesson to be learned:

Let’s not look at what we have, or don’t have, and say God can’t use us.  The amount is not the issue but rather being used by God to bring about eternal good.  Sometimes He will use the means of those who are rich and sometimes He will use the means of those who are poor.  If He is the one using what is in our hands, it is significant.

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