Biblical Stewardship Resources

The stewardship resources listed on this page will help you better manage that with which God has entrusted to you. Let's use all of who we are and all we have to the glory of God because we love Him with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength.

To Read: Stewardship of All, in All, and Always

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Many of the links below will take you to articles on other sites or to one of our affiliate stores. While seeking to choose sites and books that are doctrinally sound the Ministry Tools Resource Center makes no claim to total endorsement of any listing. Links to other sites will open in a new page to allow you to keep the list available to look at additional stewardship resources.

Body Fitness

Let's maintain health, wellness, and wholeness not just to feel and look good but to glorify the Lord as good stewardship of our bodies.

A Church-wide Campaign for Healthier Lives:


General Principles of Financial Stewardship

Churches, be good stewards of your finances.

Churches, teach members biblical financial stewardship.


Let's make sure we invest all of who we are in serving God. That includes supernatural abilities (our spiritual gifts) and our natural abilities (our talents).


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Let's examine our schedules to see if we are using our time wisely as good stewards.

May God stir within your heart a desire to use all of who you are and have to His glory. These resources can help you take steps toward being a good steward but Biblical Stewardship stems from a deep conviction that God not only is the Source of everything but is worthy of our all.

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