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I Know Some Servants . . . with the Spiritual Gift of Administration


The Spiritual Gift of Administration Defined

to steer the body toward the accomplishment of God-given goals and directives by planning, organizing, and supervising others

Examples of How the Gift of Administration Can be Used with or without being in a Position of Leadership

Servant #1:  This person came alongside of his pastor who was not administratively inclined in a way that made the pastor look more efficient.  He coordinated tasks behind-the-scenes, reminding the pastor of the various details that needed attention.  He was not on staff, nor had any kind of title for what he did.

Servant #2:  This person took on a volunteer position as the Director of VBS in her church.  She planned, recruited, and coordinated all the various facets of Vacation Bible School.  During VBS you wouldn’t have even known she was at the helm as she continued to work behind-the-scenes making sure everything went smoothly … and it did.

Servant #3:  This person, me, worked full-time in a church as a Director of Christian Education. Prior to working for the church I revamped their children’s ministry, investing many hours into planning strategies to implement a more discipleship-oriented ministry.  I was not their Children’s Director, simply someone who volunteered time to get it off the ground and delegated responsibilities to others.  Now, as Director of Ministry Tools Resource Center, I continue to find myself planning, organizing, and coordinating efforts to efficiently use the resources and means God has given the ministry to help equip others.

All of these servants have the spiritual gift of administration but they are not all in leadership “positions” or roles.  They would not all be labeled as administrators but nonetheless do administrative work.

Lesson to be learned:

Let’s be careful we do not pigeon-hole the use of spiritual gifts into positions.  A spiritual gift can be used in a paid or volunteer position, full or part-time.  A spiritual gift can be used by someone with or without a title, in a recognized ministry position or not.

Ministry Handbook: Spiritual Gifts in UseGet this example of the ways the spiritual gift of administration can be used, along with 20 other gifts, in the Ministry Handbook: Spiritual Gifts in Use. In addition, the handbook suggests spiritual gifts most typically used in 16 broad ministry areas and 27 specific tasks that may need to be accomplished in most of those areas.


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  1. Thanks for the information! I personally really appreciate your post. This is a great website. I will make sure that I stop back again!.

  2. I was asked by my Pastor to be the Administrator of the church. I dont feel that this is one of my Spritual Gifts. She asked me to pray about it. I dont believe I can say no. Where do I start if I take the position?

    • Sherry, this is a tough one. Sometimes God will lead us into a ministry for which we are not gifted but it is usually a temporary situation until He brings someone else along who is gifted. I understand that you do not want to let your pastor down, but do be sure to pray about it to make sure it is what God wants of you. If you sense that HE wants you to do it, then pray for the grace and wisdom you need. After prayer, I think your starting point is to:

      1) Request a detailed ministry description from the pastor on what the expectations are for you. If you do not have the gift of administration nor a personality that lends itself to administration, then you need to admit right up front that you will need much guidance as this would not come “natural” to you. Each church/pastor could define this role differently so it is difficult to give you a line by line, detailed list of what to do.

      2) Learn all you can about what it is to be an effective administrator. While the role can be defined differently from church to church, the principles of effective administration will still apply. You can find some resources on the Leadership Ministry Resources page under ‘Skills’.

      3) Also, let me suggest that you seek out someone who is an effective church administrator and ask if this person would mentor you, or at least be someone to whom you can turn with questions. This very well might have to be someone outside of your church.

      4) Finally, if you do not have the gift of administration, nor a personality that is organized, planned, and efficient, then you truly need to surround yourself by people who can lend you a hand and help where you sense you are weak. Learn the skill of delegation.

      Oh … there is more … 5) Keep praying.

  3. I spent most of my life as an executive assistant in Corporate America. I’m now in the training field–creating/maintaining user guides for HR systems and procedures. I provided this background because of the results of the Spiritual Gifts Test. I rated high in these areas: Exhortation, Teaching, Leadership and Service. As you can see Administrative isn’t on the list. I’m really surprised because I do enjoy the work–even now in my current job it’s the administrative task that I enjoy most. What do you make of this?

    • Hello, Inez. The primary reason you didn’t find administration as one of your gifts is because the spiritual gifts test on our site only measures the seven gifts listed in Romans 12– exhortation, giving, leadership, mercy, prophecy, service, and teaching. From what you wrote, it sounds very likely that you might have the gift of administration. However, certain personalities are more given to administrative tasks than others. Your enjoyment of administrative tasks could be a result of either spiritual gifting or personality, or perhaps both. While there does appear to be a difference between spiritual gifting and natural talents, the important thing is that you are using all of who you are for God, to His glory.

  4. Thanks! Now I know what is my spiritual gift. My pastors told me I have the gift of teaching but I can’t feel it in my heart because I don’t even know how to speak in public. I am straightforward. I told them that I like organizing, planning, preparing activities, delagating tasks, instructing, directing…I like to work behind the scenes & I’m already happy watching my churchmates grow spiritually, enhance their talents & motivate them.I don’t need recognition coz I like what I’m doing & I know the Lord sees what I’m doing. They say I have the gift of leadership but the gift of administration suits me best coz I’m more task oriented. I like to manage things and multitask. :)

    • I’m glad this has helped to confirm your gifting. From what you wrote, it does sound like you have the gift of administration. Keep in mind that it is possible you have more than one spiritual gift. Sometimes one gift is stronger than the others and therefore provides the primary direction for ministry. And, some gifts that seem like you need to get in front of people to use them, do not necessarily have to be used that way. For example, the gift of teaching can also be used behind the scenes in tasks like writing. Also, personality can be entering into the picture as well. A more introverted personality could want to keep us behind-the-scenes. Yet, in the times we need to use our gifts in front of people, with God as the One empowering the gift, we can sometimes be surprised at how well it can go despite our natural tendencies. What I have found is that God takes and uses all of who we are … the spiritual gifts He has given us, our personalities, passions, experience, and where we are in our walk with Him. As a result, two people with the same spiritual gifts might use them in a completely different way than each other. — I am just giving you some things to think about in light of what others have said about your gifting.

  5. Woo this is awesome. i thank God for using this platform you have been a wonderful helper. God bless you guys.
    amen. I love you all

  6. I really enjoying reading your articles and it has being help my spiritual growth. Thanks. My question is What is the differences between Spiritual gifts and Natural talents?

  7. Thanks, may God Almighty continue to strengthening you and your ministries. God bless you. I am satisfied with your reply. No more comment.