Joining God Where He is Working

Years ago my church worked through Experiencing God by Henry & Richard Blackaby and Claude King.  We used it in our home fellowship groups, taught on it in Sunday School and from the pulpit, and encouraged people to do the workbook on their own.

Through all that investment into this book, the one idea that keeps coming back to me the most is “Watch to see where God is working and join Him” based on John 5:17, 19-20.

In an earlier post I wrote about how God used a 40 Day Challenge I developed to help a friend.  I’ve continued to see or learn of God working through that tool in the lives of many more people.

As the lesson from Experiencing God came to mind, I asked God what more He wanted me to do as it was obvious this was one of those situations where God was at work.  I soon knew that the next step for me was to prepare a discussion guide to go with the 40 Day Challenge.  I asked my prayer support team to be praying with me about its development and the result is that the Foundational Pillars of Truth for Maintaining a Healthy Perspective Discussion Guide is now available.

Having joined God in where He is working, I now look forward to seeing what He will do.  Your prayers would be appreciated.  Thanks.

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