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Effectively Prepare for VBS


Effectively Prepare for VBS by Praying to the One Apart from Whom We Can Do Nothing
Vacation Bible School can consume a lot of time and energy that can yield minimal eternal good if we don’t effectively prepare for VBS. Effectiveness doesn’t come through picking a great theme, a lot of fun activities, enthusiastic teachers and workers, etc. but rather by the power of the Lord at work in and through it. Jesus said that apart from Him we can do nothing of eternal value (Jn. 15:5). Because He is the Vine and we are the branches, we find our sustenance and strength in Him to bear fruit. He must therefore be a critical part of our preparation if we want VBS to truly be effective.

4 Critical Steps to Effectively Prepare for VBS

When we truly believe what Jesus said, that apart from Him we can do nothing, then we will take steps to make sure seeking after Him in prayer becomes a part of all we do. Consequently, these four steps will be the most critical steps you can take in preparing for Vacation Bible School.

STEP 1:  Envision what VBS can be through prayer.

  • What does GOD want to accomplish through it?
  • Who does GOD want it to target?

STEP 2:  Envelop the whole process in prayer.

  • Ask God if there is a time best suited for what He wants to do through it and then put it on the church calendar.
  • Ask God about the best format to use … traditional, rotation, etc.
  • Ask God for wisdom in choosing the curriculum and developing the theme.
  • Ask God to help you be a wise steward of the allotted VBS budget and for creativity in raising extra needed to accomplish His answer to step 1.
  • Ask God to raise up gifted and impassioned leaders, teachers, and helpers for the various aspects … Bible lesson, crafts, snacks, games/recreation, etc.
  • Ask God to show you the best way to train the VBS staff.
  • Ask God for help in promoting VBS so you use the right means to attract the people He wants to attend.
  • Ask God for wisdom in maximizing the use of the facilities and church grounds by designating what areas should be used for the different parts of the program and also for room assignments.
  • Ask God to help you not to miss the many details that need to go into this such as collecting all the supplies, decorating, etc.
  • Ask God to motivate people to come to VBS as you begin pre-registration.

Step 3:  Enlist the prayer support of others right from the start.

  • Recruit a prayer support team specifically chosen to pray for VBS, often good to include those who cannot be physically involved in VBS.
  • Lead the VBS staff to keep praying from the moment they are recruited by giving them specifics of what they can pray for as the time approaches.
  • Gather the VBS staff to pray together each day of VBS prior to beginning the session.

Step 4:  Engage the entire congregation in praying for VBS.

  • Keep them updated about the vision and needs.
  • Plan a special time the Sunday before Vacation Bible School begins to invite the VBS staff to come forward and be prayed over.

Wherever you are in the planning process for this year’s VBS, it isn’t too late to implement these critical steps. Be ready, however, to make some changes as a result if you’ve been seeking effectiveness apart from the Lord.


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