A Place for Near All Spiritual Gifts in VBS

Daily Vacation Bible School requires a lot of detailed preparation in the months leading up to it.  Then at the last minute comes a flurry of activity to set up and decorate.  During the VBS program, people enjoy a Bible lesson, games, snacks, crafts and perhaps a general assembly time which all require time to prepare.  Afterward comes clean-up and follow-up.

. . . VBS would be more effective.

One person, or even a handful of people, cannot do it alone if you want to experience an effective Daily Vacation Bible School. Learn to utilize people according to their spiritual gifting and see the difference it makes.
(Click on the name of the gift for a definition.)

  • Administration: This person could organize the event … recruiting, delegating responsibilities, choosing curriculum, promoting, scheduling, planning the most effective use of the facilities and church grounds, working with the budget, etc. If this person is the director of VBS, he/she would do well to co-direct with someone having the gift of leadership to help him/her think outside of the box, to see all Vacation Bible School could be. People with the gift of administration could also be ones to look for to coordinate specific aspects like crafts, games, snacks, etc.
  • Exhortation: This person could be a small group leader whose primary responsibility is discipling and helping people understand the lesson’s application. This person could also teach the Bible lesson or be involved in training staff.
  • Evangelism: This person could talk with any people who want to give their life to Christ during the program, maybe an invitation counselor, perhaps giving the Gospel presentation in the general assembly time or final program. This person would also be a good person to have on the follow-up team.
  • Faith: This person could pray for VBS before, during, and after the event.
  • Giving: This person could donate finances, craft materials, snacks, prizes, or other special needs.
  • Helps: This person could assist the VBS Director. This person could serve as a teacher’s helper or assist the coordinator of any aspect of the program like crafts, games and recreation, refreshments, etc.
  • Hospitality: This person could be at the reception desk registering students, welcoming people as they enter, or serving as a guide around the facilities.
  • Leadership: This person could be the VBS director. This person would do well to co-direct with someone having the spiritual gift of administration to help them deal with all the details involved in executing his/her ideas.
  • Mercy: This person could serve on the medical response team to handle any injuries.
  • Pastor: This person could be the person to come along side and care for the spiritual needs of the VBS staff.
  • Service: This person could do set-up, decorating, serve snacks, craft preparation, make visual aids, clean-up, and so many other tasks that need to be done before and during Vacation Bible School.
  • Teaching: This person could present the Bible lesson. This person could also be someone who trains the VBS staff.
  • Wisdom: This person could help with budgeting to see practical application of stewardship principles in best utilizing the funding available for the VBS program.

If the Director of VBS does not learn to delegate to a broad base, it could result in:   1) ineffectiveness as certain tasks either don’t get done or aren’t done well,  2) burnout of the faithful few,  and 3) lack of good follow-up because the few are too exhausted once Vacation Bible School is over.

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