Speaking Types of Spiritual Gifts

The following spiritual gifts are similar in that they all involve some form of speaking or communication. Click on the gifts to learn where these gifts are listed in Scripture and possible definitions. (Use the browser’s back button to return to this post.)

Speaking Types of Spiritual Giftsexhortation

People with these spiritual gifts could find themselves in similar positions to one another such as preachers or Bible teachers. They could all also communicate through writing, singing, counseling, or other forms of communication.

So, what makes these speaking types of spiritual gifts distinct from each other?

Their approach is what would tend to make them different from one another.

exhortation –

more application-oriented and practical, often in a more encouraging tone

 prophecy –

more pronouncements of God’s Word, often in a more aggressive or assertive tone

 teaching –

more systematic and thorough, often in a more academic tone

If someone has more than one of these speaking gifts, their communication would therefore demonstrate a combination of these approaches.

God’s instruction for those with speaking types of spiritual gifts:

Each of you should use whatever gift you have received to serve others, as faithful stewards of God’s grace in its various forms. If anyone speaks, they should do so as one who speaks the very words of God. (1 Pet. 4:10-11)

1) Use your spiritual gift(s).
2) Be faithful in using your gift(s).
3) Represent God well and accurately in the use of your gift(s).

For Help Using Speaking/Communication Types of Spiritual Gifts:

13 Replies to “Speaking Types of Spiritual Gifts”

  1. It was recently revealed to me that I have been gifted with prophecy. When this was revealed, I did not know how to react. I thought I had lost my marbles actually. I started feeling that the more I read the Bible and the more I went to church, the more delusional I would become. However, I was encouraged by my family and spiritual mentors to not run from this gift. I am very new and had/have very little understanding of this supernatural capability. When I went to church, I expressed to the Lord that I wasn’t part of the flock, I was a wolf. He revealed right then that I was indeed not a sheep, but a shepherd. All of this has been a little mind-blowing for me, especially since I am not a man, but a woman. As a woman, I struggle to understand my place in the ministry. I feel like I must take special care as a female prophet. How does gender play into spiritual gifting?

    • Hello, Jessie. If you read through the key passages on spiritual gifts (1 Corinthians 12, Ephesians 4, Romans 12), you do not find any gender qualifications on how the Spirit distributes spirituals gifts. God can use each of the spiritual gifts in different ways. For example, someone with the gift of prophecy may express that gift through public speaking, such as preaching. However, the gift of prophecy can also be used by God in other ways such as writing or one-on-one. The gift of prophecy might also be used in outreach efforts, speaking out against social concerns in various settings. Because of the diversity of ways to use the same gift, God will always have some type of ministry you can participate in regardless of gender, age, or any other factor. If you are concerned about being careful because you are a woman, simply follow the principles of God’s Word that apply to you regardless of whether or not you have the gift of prophecy.

      • Thank you very much for the response. I am supposed to use this gift through writing, another insight I was provided. The very chapters you mentioned are the very same that I have been led in study. I sincerely appreciate what you have written as I do feel more at ease as I learn what it is to follow and trust in God’s plan.

        • You are welcome, Jessie. Just continue to “Trust in the LORD with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways submit to him, and he will make your paths straight.” He will provide just the right opportunities for you to be used to His glory as you look to Him.

  2. I just finished taking the spiritual gifts test and like Jessie very surprised Phophesy was my highest score. But when I think about it I realize I have a strong desire to help others for I have been through much pain and suffering and know how others feel. I am at a cross roads in my life at a very serious level financially, spiritually and emotionally. I feel I would, God willing, like to counsel others. This my be an answer to my future. My desire is to leave my home and learn to be a qualified counselor for God’s people. Is that even possible? This is very serious I really need to look into this and pray about it but is there a starting place. Please advice. Gratefully, Theresa

    • Hello, Theresa. Sometimes spiritual gifts can be used in ways we might not realize and so we don’t always identify them within us. If you do have the gift of prophesy it certainly can be used to counsel others. Unless, however, combined with other gifts like the gift of exhortation and/or mercy, you might find that it takes you in the direction of a more specific type of counseling such as counseling people with addictions and other issues that require a more directive approach. Certainly your own pain and suffering can make you more empathetic with others in their struggles. — “Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of compassion and the God of all comfort, who comforts us in all our troubles, so that we can comfort those in any trouble with the comfort we ourselves receive from God.” (2 Cor. 1:3-4)

      Let me suggest you read this article for some ideas of where to start: So You Want to Become a Christian Counselor! Be sure to read through all the comments as well and follow the links in the article. I will stop and pray that God gives you wisdom as you seek to follow His will.

  3. Glory be to God. Finally the spiritual gift test has confirmed my gift as the gift of exhortation, followed by prophecy and leadership. But I have a problem I would be grateful if you can help me out. I am currently a motivational speaker and doing a bit of christian counselling to my students since i am a teacher by profession. As a youth leader who sometimes speak at our meetings, my church sees the motivation as a teaching of worldly things but i strongly have very good morals and my conscience is upright concerning what i do. Members of the church are really benefiting from my few programs held in the church including some frequent messages i send on whatsup but because of the church they pretend not to show they like it but when they meet me one on one they really congratulate me.i am always bursting to feed them with messages that will uplift them to reach their goals but I always feel guilty in an attempt to do it. I feel I am a wolf in among sheep. What can I do to make them accept me?

    • Hello, Joseph. It’s difficult for me to adequately address the problem you described without a full understanding but I will address three issues for you to consider.

      1) The content of your motivational teaching: Make sure that your teaching lines up with God’s Word. Make sure you emphasize the need for God to enable people to do whatever it is that you are motivating them toward. Do you use Scripture in your speaking? People with the spiritual gifts of exhortation are used by God to encourage people to reach their potential in the Lord by following after the Him and His ways. People with the gift of prophecy speak forth the Word of God, addressing issues in ways that challenge people to line up with God and His Word.

      2) The delivery of your teaching: We can have good things to say but sometimes say them in ways that portray something different to people. Make sure you are communicating in a humble and godly way.

      3) The reaction of people: If you belong to a Bible-based Church, then it would be important to them that your content adheres to what I have suggested in the first point above. The Church is about focusing on the Lord and nurturing people in His Word. Now, if your speaking is doing that and the church reacts negatively, perhaps you are not attending a Bible-based Church, perhaps their problem is with your delivery of your messages, or maybe something else is going on.

      I would suggest that you sit down with the pastor and/or other leaders and ask them to give you specifics of just what it is that is causing them to react negatively. Jesus said, “Therefore, if you are offering your gift at the altar and there remember that your brother or sister has something against you, leave your gift there in front of the altar. First go and be reconciled to them; then come and offer your gift.” (Matt. 5:23-24) Pray about what they say, asking God to show you if there are ways you need to change.

      • Thank you very much. I appreciate them and will consider them. God richly increase your wisdom.

  4. My name is Alyssa and I am only 16, but I have been developing my relationship with God since I was about 12. I have always been spiritually led to have compassion for others. I also have a deep desire to lead worship. I love to sing and use my voice to show people the power of God’s presence. Spontaneous worship has also had a huge impact on my life. I love it and envision myself to lead worship that way. I have recently grown much intimacy with the lord and am proud of the progress I am making. I am trying to figure out what spiritual gifts I may have. Is there any specific scripture or questions I can ask spiritual leaders to gain knowledge and understanding of what God truly has called me to do? As a 16 year old I understand that I am young, but this only drives me even a deeper hunger to know who Jesus is and to be a light unto where I walk.

    • Hello, Alyssa. How wonderful that you have a desire to serve our wonderful Lord. You’re age merely means you may not have had a lot of ministry experience to date. Many spiritual gifts tests you can take factor in experience (like the test on our site at https://mintools.com/spiritual-gifts-test.htm). Consequently taking a test may not provide conclusive results for you but can be a starting point. And, even when you do know what gifts you have, there can be many ways to use those gifts. That’s where the passions of your heart, like some of what you mentioned, come in. I believe one of the best ways for you to discover what God has called you to do is to get involved in different types of ministries. As you get involved in different types of ministries, certain things will tend to excite and energize you more than others. Those may be possibilities for you to pray more about. And, you can ask spiritual leaders, as you mentioned, or others involved in the various ministries, if you are a good fit for that type of ministry. Check out this page: How do we discover our spiritual gifts?

  5. Thank you so much! As I continue to grow with God I know things will become clearer. It is just a matter of time and experience needed to discover what my calling truly is!

    • Yes, Alyssa. God will make it clear for you as you look to Him. A big piece of the puzzle seems to be in place — a desire to live for Him. That’s what He looks for to work mightily in and through you! Be faithful in doing what He gives you to do now and in time the “big assignment” will be come clear. I will take time right now to pray for you that you continue to grow in Him.