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I Know Some Servants … with the Spiritual Gift of Teaching


The Spiritual Gift of Teaching Defined

to instruct others in the Bible in a logical, systematic way so as to communicate pertinent information for true understanding and growth

Example of How the Same Gift Can be Used Differently

Servant #1:  He could almost always be found teaching somewhere … in Sunday School, men’s ministry, small groups, and even from the pulpit.  He enjoyed studying the Word to prepare the lessons but came alive when he could share what he learned with others, field their questions, and take them to higher levels in their knowledge of God.

Servant #2:  She rarely taught in Sunday School but she had the gift of teaching.  It came out in other ways.  She led worship in accordance with musical talents she had but didn’t simply lead singing.  She taught people how to worship.  She started homeschooling her children.  She viewed it as a means of discipling them and poured everything into it.  She gave homeschooling a good name.

Servant #3:  She writes curriculum and training materials for others to use.  When she directed children’s ministry, she would often develop the Bible lessons to fit her church’s situation as it was hard to find suitable material.  She carefully designed the material to be teacher friendly and to help students understand truth in ways appropriate with their age level.  When she would teach Sunday School or Bible studies, she most enjoyed when she could develop her own lessons rather than use pre-written curriculum.

Each of these servants had the spiritual gift of teaching but enjoyed using it in different ways.  One thrived in the classroom where he could interact with people, the other in unconventional or less formal settings, and the third more behind the scenes in developing Bible lessons.

Lesson to be learned:

People with the same gift, even in the same measure, can look very different in the way they use that gift.  Personality is a big factor but also heart passions and life experiences.  Spiritual gifts are only one piece of the puzzle in forming our best fit in ministry.

Ministry Handbook: Spiritual Gifts in UseGet this example of the ways the spiritual gift of teaching can be used, along with 20 other gifts, in the Ministry Handbook: Spiritual Gifts in Use. In addition, the handbook suggests spiritual gifts most typically used in 16 broad ministry areas and 27 specific tasks that may need to be accomplished in most of those areas.

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2 Replies to “I Know Some Servants … with the Spiritual Gift of Teaching”

    • Let me refer you to a previous post: I Know Some Servants . . . with the Spiritual Gift of Exhortation
      There I give the example (#2) of someone who sounds similar to you. What I explained to her is that both teaching and exhortation can be used in teaching. People with the gift of teaching will tend to be more systematic in their approach whereas people with the gift of exhortation will tend be more application-oriented in their approach. People with the gift of teaching will tend to enjoy a diligent and thorough study whereas the person with the gift of exhortation will tend to push through the study and focus on the process of putting the lesson together. Teaching can be a platform for using the gift of exhortation, much like singing or counseling can be a platform for using the gift of exhortation. You do not need the gift of teaching to be a good Bible teacher. — The test Betsy mentioned is at: Online Spiritual Gifts Test

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