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Staffing & the Church’s Purpose


In a previous post we considered how there is a big picture that must be taken into consideration when it comes to staffing. Part of that picture pertains to God’s purposes for your church. Consequently, ministry assessments become vital to this work to determine where you are, where you should be, what it will take to get aligned with His purposes, and who God wants to use to get you there.

And so, staffing becomes about cooperating with God and what He wants your church to do, not merely filling positions to keep your programs going.

Once you know your church’s purpose, you must be committed to pursuing it and must communicate it to others. You must build a culture in which all you do is measured against it. While you will still have distinct ministries to meet differing needs requiring specific people with particular spiritual gifts to accomplish them, everyone will all come under the umbrella of your church’s broad purpose. No program or individual will stand alone, isolated from the whole. That takes coordination on the part of leaders and a team mentality on the part of ministry workers. Ministry, or job, descriptions explain this connection. Evaluations look for this alignment. Feedback and support are given to help people understand and do their part in pursuing it.

And so, in staffing we build in an accountability to lining up with God and His purposes, to working together toward the big picture.


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