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In previous posts we looked at the big picture in staffing. We noted that it involves alignment with the church’s purpose and the exercise of Body Life principles in order to help people understand how they and their contribution are valued as you pursue God’s purposes. But, that isn’t enough. People need to be equipped to do their part. They need training and support which includes pastoral care, not merely skill enrichment, which is best provided through shepherding.

A shepherd looks after the sheep’s total welfare.

When someone serves, they bring the whole of who they are with them … physical, emotional, mental, social, as well as spiritual. If you want them to be most productive, you must care about the parts you might not be as comfortable with or that might not directly be used in their ministry.

And so, staffing ministry requires that you genuinely care about the people who are serving beyond the fulfillment of their duties.

A shepherd cares about each individual sheep.

Ministry workers have different spiritual gifts, needs, personality traits, learning styles, etc. How can you work within each person’s bent? How can you encourage them to serve in their God-given unique ways rather than frustrate them by unnecessary constraints? What is the best way to build them up, free them up, spur them on? How can you tailor training to best fit the individual?

And so, staffing requires that you genuinely accept the people who are serving and don’t take a cookie cutter approach in equipping and supporting them.

The goal should not be making everyone conform but helping them serve with a Christ-like expression of that which makes them unique.

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  1. I can’t see where the ‘overseer’ fits in. Are overseers of a rank in the church or a kaman operating under the higher rankers EG Bishop?

    • Hello, Hugh Robertson. Various denominations have differing practices and views of overseers, bishops, etc. What I can point you to is a look at some of what the Bible says. You’ll find an article at: The practical outworking of that could look different in varying settings but should still line up with Scripture.

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