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Ministry Tools Resource Center is about equipping believers for ministry. Online training and curriculum resources help. Sometimes, however, the personal touch of bringing in a professional Christian educator to speak to your group takes you a step further.

On occasion, Phyllis Kline, the founder and director of Ministry Tools Resource Center, may be available to come to your location -- church, conference, Bible Institute.
As a Christian speaker, she is first and foremost a Bible teacher who enjoys communicating God's Word in creative ways that not only expound the truth but also drive home the application of the truth to life. As a Christian speaker, she is also a training instructor for people who want to learn "how-to" serve and "how-to" live a victorious Christian life.
Schedule Phyllis as the seminar speaker for a special training event or as a guest speaker for a regularly scheduled meeting including a Sunday School class, women's group, or other Bible study group.
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Meet the Seminar Speaker: Phyllis Kline

Phyllis is a born again Christian who loves the Lord Jesus and consequently His church. She has provided consultation services and teacher training seminars for churches in Lancaster, Pennsylvania and surrounding counties and states for more than twenty years. Phyllis has also been actively involved in teaching and leadership ministries in the local church for over thirty years, including the position of a full-time Director of Christian Education for four years. She has been directing the Ministry Tools Resource Center since 1999. She has written the material on its site as well as the curriculum and training resources. Phyllis has her Master of Arts in Christian Education from Talbot School of Theology at Biola University and her B.S. from Philadelphia Biblical University.

Her heart's passion is to see the church operate according to God's plan. She sees Ephesians 4:16 as the blueprint for the spiritual growth of the Body --the body "builds itself up in love, as each part does its work." To this end she actively seeks to equip God's people for service. Emphasis is placed on helping people find their best fit in ministry through the identification of their spiritual gifts combined with their personality, experience, and heart passions.

The Frequently Asked Questions About Phyllis' Seminar Speaking

What do you charge?

While this ministry is Phyllis' sole means of income, she does not set a specific amount. Her primary desire is to equip people. She does not want to see that hindered if a church or organization could not afford an amount she would set. Consequently, she leaves the amount between you and the Lord trusting that you could come to a fair remuneration for services rendered based on your ability. You could take into consideration the length of the seminar and cost of materials she may bring which would vary depending on how many people attended. While remuneration for actual teaching is negotiable (between you and God, that is), she must ask, however, that you take care of actual expenses for travel and lodging if required.

What is the minimum group size for which you are willing to come?

Phyllis will come for as few as five people or for fifty or more. Everyone needs equipping. Whether you are a small church or a big one, the need for equipping is the same.

How far are you willing to travel?

Currently Phyllis is primarily only able to accept seminar requests within about 1 hour from Lancaster, Pennsylvania but may not always be available to do that either.

When can you come?

Saturdays work well to do anywhere from a couple hours to an all day session. She may be able to come during your normally scheduled meeting times including mid-week or the Sunday School hour. If you are within a reasonable driving distance (up to an hour from Lancaster, PA), regularly scheduled meeting times work well for a series.

How can I schedule a seminar?

You can click here to contact Phyllis with any further questions you have or to discuss possible dates.

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