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The Attributes of God


“When you’re tired and you can’t sleep, just count your blessings instead of sheep ….” The song suggests a good alternative for sleepless nights, especially if we direct thanksgiving to God for those blessings. Another possibility? List the attributes of God going through the alphabet, from A to Z.

When referring to God’s attributes, we’re speaking of the character of God, the traits or qualities that make up His nature, or being. To be God, He must be the sum total of all these traits, all the time, without fail.

Attributes of God from A to Z

Here’s my alphabetical list. Be aware that it only gives one attribute for each letter but other qualities could be listed for many of the letters.

A – Almighty
B – Boundless
C – Compassionate
D – Dependable
E – Eternal
F – Faithful
G – Good
H – Holy
I – Immortal
J – Just
K – Kind
L – Love
M – Merciful
N – Never-Failing
O – One
P – Perfect
Q – Qualified
R – Righteous
S – Sovereign
T – True
U – Unchanging
V – Victorious
W – Wise
X – X-traordinary
Y – Yahweh
Z – Zenith


Our Great God from A to Z - His Attributes
Order the Our Great God from A to Z Discipleship Tool Download for this alphabetical listing in a format you can print that also includes a brief definition for each term and Scripture verses that point to those attributes of God. The resource also encourages you to respond to who God is and suggests a plan for focusing on each attribute.

You’ll also find another listing about Our Creator God from A to Z in the above resource with traits showing the kind of God it would take to create the heavens and earth. In addition, it includes an alphabetical listing for each member of the Godhead pointing to what God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit do and what they distinctly provide for us.

Responding to Who God Is

Consider making up your own alphabetical list describing how you feel or what you think about our great God. The more we get to know this God who is all of the above plus more, the more we will revere and trust Him. We will find Him to be enough. We will want to serve and worship Him with our whole being for He is worthy.

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8 Replies to “The Attributes of God”

    • Yes, Vera Faye Brown, that pretty much describes our great God!

  1. Wow…I love this. I was searching for something about God and who he is. I ran across this. This is more than what I expected to find. On my Facebook page I’m trying encourage people to pray and looking for something to write about the God we are praying to. This was perfect. Thank you. Grace and peace be unto you.

    • Praise God, Paulette, that you are using your Facebook page to encourage people to pray. We are more likely to pray as we get to know our great and awesome God who wants to be in a relationship with us. He is so worthy of our love and devotion. This is the kind of God we can trust with our deepest thoughts, and with our very life. This is the kind of God we should want to spend time with.

  2. Thank you for all of the attributes of God I know that they are too many to count. I love this for starters. I took time to write it all down and to meditate on all the scriptures along with it. You are a Blessing to me. Thank you for taking the time out to spread the word of God. God bless you. With Love your sister in Jesus Christ. Marlene 💕

    • You are welcome, Marlene. And, you are so right that there are many more attributes about God. May God use the time you spend meditating on who He is to bolster an even greater faith in the One who is not only able to “do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine” (Eph. 3:20) but “is” so great our minds can only begin to comprehend the fullness of who He is.