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The Uniqueness of the God of the Bible


If we study about the God of the Bible, we must conclude that He truly is unique. In His uniqueness He is incomparable … meaning no one is like Him. Be encouraged to take the time to read all the Scripture referenced in this post to gain a better grasp of the uniqueness of the God of the Bible.

Scripture Speaks of How God is Unique from Other Gods

Uniqueness of God - Who is Like the Lord?The Bible describes God as unique being majestic in holiness (Ex. 15:11; 1 Sam. 2:2), awesome in glory (Ex. 15:11), great and having a strong hand (Deut. 3:24), sovereign (2 Sam 7:22), and more.

We see it in His working of wonders and mighty acts (Ex. 15:11; Ps. 86:8-10). Other gods may have wonders attributed to them but the God of the Bible is known for doing the impossible with nothing being too hard for Him (Jer. 32:17; Mk. 14:36; Lk. 18:27). — ¬†For what god is there in heaven or on earth who can do the deeds and mighty works you do? (Deut. 3:24)

We also see His uniqueness in the way He is identified as the first and last, therefore able to not just declare what happened but also what will occur in the future (Isa. 44:6-8; 46:9-11).

As the Maker of all things (Jer. 10:16), He is unique from all else and Sovereign above all. He is our Source, Sustenance, and Strength. We live to fulfill His purposes and not the other way around (Isa. 45:9; 46:9-11; Rom. 9:20-21).

Significance of Grasping the Uniqueness of the God of the Bible

If we say we believe in the God of the Bible then we must acclaim Him as unique for that is how Scripture describes Him. Reading the verses referenced above leaves no doubt of this declaration of uniqueness. When we truly grasp who He is, we’ll find ourselves proclaiming similar to the writers of the Bible that apart from Him there is no savior (Isa. 43:11, 13). Apart from Him we have no rock to stand upon (1 Sam. 2:2; Isa. 44:8). Nothing and no one compares to Him. Nothing and no one else deserves our full devotion and praise.

You’ll find this content in the introductory pages of the Our Great God from A to Z Discipleship Tool Download which looks at His attributes using the alphabet. Understanding who God is, as described in the Bible, should lead to this view of Him as unique from all other gods.

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    • How wonderful that you’ll be sharing this with your theology class. God is worthy of the adoration!

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