Getting Everyone in Ministry on the Same Page

In a church or ministry it is important for leaders, teachers, and ministry workers to be on the same page in terms of:

basic doctrine
philosophy of ministry
the overarching goal

When they are not, confusion and conflict can easily creep in and sometimes even destroy the work.  Methodology, means, or form can be variables because they are simply a way to communicate the doctrine, express the philosophy, and reach the goal.

Unfortunately, too often the methods, form, and means come under attack when the real issues are differences in doctrine, philosophy, or the overall goal.  If we do not get to the root, we will not work through our differences.  We will not understand why something that seems like a non-essential is causing so much trouble.  Churches have seemingly split because of building issues and methodology when the real issue was philosophy of ministry.  In-fighting has ensued in board meetings over continuance of programs when the real issue was that they didn’t have the same overall goal.  Teachers have complained and quit over not having freedom to do their own thing when the real issue was not wanting to support the church’s doctrinal position.

Think through what you can do to ensure everyone in ministry is on the same page in that which should be considered non-variables like basic doctrine, philosophy of ministry, and overall goal.

Here is one way Ministry Tools Resource Center can help you in this with the Christian Education Ministry of your church:

Now you can order the Christian Education Leadership Team Training Session to help the Christian Education ministry of your church get on the same page in regard to its overall goal — that of seeing changed lives — and to understand what it will take to progressively move forward toward that goal.  The session can be used with leadership who in turn can then train teachers in their sphere of influence using the Teaching for Changed Lives Workbook.

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