Effective Ministry Training


Who doesn’t want effective ministry training? But, imagine if it became more e-e-e-e-e-effective.

When training is most effective, people are equipped and encouraged to do their part. As God’s ways for ministry are explained to them their understanding is expanded, their hearts are enlightened, and they are able to envision what God can and wants to do through them. Hence, their life of service is enhanced. As a result, they become more excited and enthused about serving. They are energized and emboldened to do their part.

When training is e-e-e-e-e-effective, a lot happens within the people being trained that will spill over onto those to whom and with whom they serve.

So, What is Effective Ministry Training?

Effective Ministry Training Help People Seek to Di Ministry God's Way
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For ministry training to truly be effective it must help people seek to line ministry up with the character and ways of a holy, righteous, loving, gracious, just, sovereign, merciful, all-powerful, creative, faithful, and wise God.

He is the authority. — He knows the best way to do ministry.

He is the source. — He provides what we need to do ministry.

He is the standard. — He sets the bar for how to do ministry.

How e-e-e-e-effectively are you training people in your church? How e-e-e-e-effectively have you been trained? The wonderful thing about our God is that He is also a God of new beginnings! Start now to train people to do ministry God’s way.

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