Objective for Staffing in the Church

Training Category: Staffing Ministry

Do you want to get beyond merely filling positions in your staffing efforts? Then you need to make it about getting the right person for the right ministry at the right time so you can most effectively accomplish God’s work His way.

Read Get Church Staffing Right to learn more about getting the right person for the right ministry at the right time.

Objective for Church Staffing Ministry Must Include Accomplishing God’s Work His Way

To aim at this objective we need a good understanding of the way God accomplishes His work which includes these elements:

1) God’s design for the Church

2) God’s purpose for the Church

Until we get to the core of his design and purpose for the Church, we’ll be more likely to merely spin our wheels in staffing so take time to learn more by clicking on the above links.

Objective for Staffing in Ministry Manual

To learn more about staffing in the Church, order the Staffing Ministry Manual. It looks five different elements of staffing that can help you accomplish this objective.

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