Ministry Training Resources

Ministry Tools Resource Center is about equipping people for ministry. To that end you will find much online training in a wide variety of ministry areas as well as downloadable training resources you can order.
Sometimes people come to the site with a training plan they've already developed, simply looking for resources to supplement that plan. Others aren't sure where to begin.

Start by Laying the Foundation for Ministry

Foundational to Christian ministry is a good understanding of God's purposes, design, and mission for the Church. This training is especially important for leaders so they can lead the way in it but is vital to all members of the Body as well.

Equally important to initial training is the understanding that ministry needs to be done God's way. That makes sense when we grasp how we are HIS servants. We do ministry for Him, because of Him, and through Him.

The Ministry God's Way Discipleship Tool reinforces what God's Word teaches about the following key elements involved in serving:


Then comes an understanding that everybody has a part within God's design, which includes identifying what that part might be.

Ministry Training Resources to Help Equip for Specific Ministries

Once people know their part, it's time to train them to effectively serve in it. Some of the main ministries for which they might need training include the following: