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Why Don’t We Provide Ministry Training for Everyone?


Train Everyone Because Nobody Has Arrived
We all have something to learn. None of us have arrived … in our personal walks or in our ministries. So, shouldn’t we be providing ministry training for everyone?

“Not that I have already obtained this, or have already been made perfect, but I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me.”  –the Apostle Paul (Phil. 3:12)

It doesn’t matter the . . .

position (how high or how low),

tasks (how minor or how major),

experience (how long or how short),

training (how formal or how informal),

. . . we all need to keep learning and growing.

Reasons We Fail to Provide Ministry Training for Everyone in All Types of Ministries

Perhaps we resist training everyone because of past reactions.  People don’t seem interested.  They don’t attend.  They don’t need one more thing to do.

Not interested? Perhaps they aren’t finding it relevant and therefore lack a reason to be interested.  When we use a one-size-fits-all approach, meeting the needs of ministry workers is hit or miss.

Don’t attend? Perhaps the time doesn’t suit.  Perhaps they find it hard to sit through a meeting.  When we fail to provide alternative means of training, gaining their participation is an uphill battle.

Too busy? Perhaps the real issue is that they don’t view it as a priority.  We tend to find the time to do what we view as important.  When we make training simply about doing a better job, getting people on board might be all the harder if they feel they are doing a good enough job.  When we make serving more about lining up with the Almighty God and working in cooperation with Him, people just may find themselves thinking twice about equipping.

The Minimum Training We Should Provide

At minimum, we should be giving everyone in ministry a big picture perspective of the area of ministry in which they are engaged.  What does God want to do through that kind of ministry?  How can we line up with Him and work in cooperation with Him?

The Ministry Manuals published by Ministry Tools Resource Center can help you with that.  They are available individually for twelve different ministry areas or as a download bundle deal.

If you haven’t been training everyone for ministry, think and pray about it.  It may seem a bit overwhelming so begin by determining what are some first steps that can be taken toward that objective.


4 Replies to “Why Don’t We Provide Ministry Training for Everyone?”

  1. I have been going through this website and I find it very useful. I believe God wants our Ministry and Church to train more Christian leaders in many directions and aspects of Ministry, but I find it overwhelming on where and how to start. I trust God for wisdom and would appreciate some insight on the resources we can start with.

  2. I am a part of a small congregation that has found it imperative to grow; bring others to Christ and set the Spiritual FIRE back in the members we now have. I found the information in MinTools very helpful and a source to assist our Pastor with valuable tools to stimulate our leaders of our Church’s Ministries.

    • Thanks for sharing that, MCorn. May God continue to use the material to His glory and the building up of His people!

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