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Maximum Participation in Ministry Training


Training Category: Staffing Ministry

We’ve already established that a comprehensive ministry training plan that includes a variety of elements beyond skill development leads to greater effectiveness in serving. But, getting people to participate in training opportunities can seem quite difficult. There are steps you can take that should help.

Gaining Maximum Participation in Ministry Training Opportunities

Staffing Ministry Manual for Training Help

The AAA’s that follow are included in the Staffing Ministry Manual along with some additional thoughts on these steps.

Advance notice

Don’t spring opportunities on people at the last minute and expect them to fit it onto their busy schedules.


Remember that many of your workers will have child care needs, perhaps transportation needs, or scheduling conflicts. Accommodate when you can.

Alternative approaches

The question is not if workers need to be trained but how. In today’s world, giving workers choices in how to get trained will increase the likelihood of it happening. The Staffing Ministry Manual includes a template you can use to develop a list of possible alternative training resources for different ministries.


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