All of Who You Are?

The Finding Your Best Fit in Ministry section of this site uses the analogy of a puzzle to describe how to arrive at your ministry profile. By bringing the various pieces of your life together, you’ll begin to see a big picture that gives you an idea of how you might best serve. Sure,

  • You can serve anywhere needed simply because you love God.
  • You can find and do many tasks that use your spiritual gifts without having a passion to do it.
  • You can serve where your heart is drawn in ways that don’t fit your spiritual gifting and feel good about it.
  • You can successfully accomplish a task based on the strengths of your personality temperament without being gifted accordingly.
  • You can do something well because of past experience in it yet not be drawn to it or gifted for it.

But, think of the difference it would make if you found a way to serve that incorporates all of who you are.

Putting All of Who You Are Into Serving to Find Your Best Fit in Ministry

Each part of who you are affects the other parts and contributes to how God wants to use you. Here is what each part contributes to the way you will serve:

Your walk with God motivates you for ministry.

Learn more:

Your spiritual gifts enable you for ministry.

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Your heart passions give focus to ministry.

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Your personality expresses itself in ministry.

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Your life experiences help develop you for ministry.

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Learn what steps to take to bring all these parts together to form your ministry profile, where you might best serve. Go to: Tools for Developing Personalized Ministry Profiles

Finding Your Best Fit in MinistryEven better, order the Finding Your Best Fit in Ministry Download for yourself, or to work through with a group (very low quantity pricing available). This book will help you look at each part individually and then blend them together to identify your ministry profile.

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