Responsibilities of Team Leaders

To help build a unified team, the kind that functions according to God’s design, team leaders must provide the following to promote the qualities it takes to get there:


Don’t assume the team will be unified and accepting of each other’s differences but rather provide pre-team training of what it takes to be on a team as well as continued trust-building exercises.

Leadership Skills Required: communication, modeling


Don’t expect people to merely attend meetings and give occasional input but rather truly give them authority to do their parts.

Leadership Skills Required: delegation


Don’t let self-centered attitudes fester but rather point to the attitude and servant heart of Jesus as the standard for the team.

Leadership Skills Required: coordination, conflict management


Don’t forget the big picture and get lost in all the details but rather promote the development of perspective and an expectancy toward what God will do for the whole.

Leadership Skills Required: vision-casting

When team leaders fulfill these responsibilities, it tends to build the qualities needed in team members to work as a unified group.

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Church Leadership Skills: Team Building

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