Spiritual Gifts: Definitions Form Basis for Tests

Spiritual Gifts Definitions & TestsIn a previous post I wrote about being asked how I arrived at definitions for the various spiritual gifts.  I’ve also been asked about the process used in creating the spiritual gifts tests so I will share that in this post. The first four steps will sound familiar if you read the previous post.

As in any endeavor, this process was enveloped in prayer for God’s guidance and wisdom and included:

  1. studying of the key passages on spiritual gifts
  2. listing all the gifts found in the key Scripture passages pertaining to spiritual gifts
  3. doing a word study for each of those gifts by looking at the original Greek language
  4. pulling elements from that study into a workable definition for each of the gifts
  5. breaking down each gift into what would be its practical outworking based on its definition
  6. coming up with an equal number of statements for each gift based on the practical outworking
  7. setting a range for scoring
  8. testing the inventory with an entire church body for accuracy and usability which included discussing results with individuals in light of their past, present, and potential service and for some seeking the confirmation of the gifts from others who knew them well
  9. adjusting and re-testing

If you use the online spiritual gifts test or order the Everybody Has a Part Spiritual Gifts Tests resource, you can know that many people were able to attest to its accuracy and be helped by it.

But, a spiritual gifts test isn’t necessary in order to identify your gifting if you know the definitions for the gifts and consequently what to look for in yourself.  Ask the same things the various statements measure like how you feel about the kind of ministry using the gifts, your effectiveness in serving that way, and how others perceived it.

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