What are some examples of spiritual gifts in use?

Learning about spiritual gifts is important. Discovering what gifts you have been given and how you can use your gifting makes it more personal. Seeing examples of spiritual gifts in action takes it to the next level of understanding.

Examples of Specific Spiritual Gifts in Use

Sometimes examples of spiritual gifts in use can help you identify, confirm, or better understand your own giftedness. Click on the spiritual gifts listed below to read about what using those gifts might look like in a real person:

All of these examples, plus more, are included in the Ministry Handbook: Spiritual Gifts in Use download.

Ministry Handbook for Spiritual Gifts in Use


Examples of Everybody Doing their Part Using their Spiritual Gifts

When a Church Body comes together to work on a project, everybody doing their part based on spiritual gifting, much can be accomplished of eternal good. Click below for an example:

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