Resources & Tools to Learn About, Discover & Use Your Spiritual Gifts

Do you want to effectively serve God? Click on the tabs below to learn more about identifying and using your spiritual gifts. And, help others in their understanding about spiritual gifting and encourage them to do their part.

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Curriculum for Teaching Adults about Spiritual Gifts:

The MAX Pak includes:

Curriculum for Teaching Teens (Youth) about Spiritual Gifts:

Defining Spiritual Gifts


General Information about Spiritual Gifts



Gifts are about Administering God's Grace

Big Picture Design

God Designed the Church to Grow as Everybody Does Their Part

Dysfunctional Approach to Spiritual Gifting

Operating through Spiritual Gifting Should be Part of Your Church Culture


Articles About Discovering Your Spiritual Gifts

Resources or Tools to Identify Spiritual Gifts

Spiritual Gifts Tests for Adults

Spiritual Gifts Test for Teens

Spiritual Gifts Test for Children


Basic Info About the Different Types of Gifts

Categorizing Spiritual Gifts

Understanding Types of Leadership Gifts

Balance in Church Leadership
The Balance in Church Leadership Based on Spiritual Gifting Download identifies the three gifts most commonly found in church leaders. Learn how these gifts affect a leader's approach, motivation, and concerns. Be challenged to work in unity with those gifted differently than yourself to bring balance to the church which will lead to greater health and growth.


General Info About Using Your Spiritual Gifts

Determine Who to Recruit Based on Spiritual Gifting

Ministry Handbook - Spiritual Gifts in Use
The Ministry Handbook: Spiritual Gifts in Use will help you determine who to recruit based on spiritual gifting. It starts with an understanding of how the gifts might be used so the handbook includes the examples listed below plus more. It then gives suggestions for gifts most suited for 16 different broad ministry areas and the 27 specific tasks also listed below.

Examples of Spiritual Gifts in Use

Spiritual Gifts Provide God's Power to Accomplish All Kinds of Specific Ministry Tasks

May God's power be at work through you to His glory as you use your spiritual gifts in serving Him. All the understanding you might gain through these resources will mean little unless you yield all of who you are to Him.

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